About Us

SA Webs Internet Solutions is of one of the longest existing ISP’s in South Africa. SA Webs Internet Solutions came into existence when the WEB development industry was still at its infant stages.

We boast years of experience, which entail 21 years of working with small to medium enterprises and empowering them to have their very own business identity online.

Our approach was accessibility and business empowerment in South Africa.

We allowed small to medium enterprises even the one man band awesome packages therefore allowing all enterprises to play at the same marketing level.

We believe that education is key and our ability to equip business owners on how to manage their virtual presence is a vital part in every place of business.

Sa Webs prides itself on 99% uptime on servers which gives our clients peace of mind that business can take place smoothly and effectively as possible.

Our immediate assistance approach allows our clients to have all their technical issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Give us a call today and experience Wow Service.


SA Webs has created a global footprint which ranges throughout Africa, UK and Australia.